The death of his wife Maria in 2016, only six months after the diagnosis of leukemia, was an unexpected event in Ugo’s life. In 2001 Ugo had an operation to remove a cancer and after that, he underwent a series of surgeries due to metastasis which had made him less and less self-sufficient. But soon it was Maria who needed lots of care, that care he was used to rely on beforehand. Without her support, he had to learn very quickly to live with the memory of his beloved wife and the suffering for her loss. Ugo became aware of being a father and a grandfather and was able to build up a new relationship with his dear ones. Ugo engaged in shaping his life in order to achieve knowledge and love and a renewed sense of family. This is the legacy he left to his children after his death from head metastasis on 16 April 2020.

For years now, there has been an emphasis on the need to adapt our dietary habits to the nutritional needs of a growing population and a struggling planet. The United Nations' goal is to achieve "Zero Hunger" by 2030, and often insects are called into question, amidst both skepticism and curiosity, as a potential solution and "food of the future.". Insects are rich in high-quality proteins and are highly sustainable due to their minimal environmental impact, both in terms of greenhouse gases and of water and soil consumption. As a result, researchers are studying the most sustainable and cost-effective ways to promote the use of these insects as human food or as feed for fish, poultry, and pigs. The key is to try to turn insects into a more acceptable product that people will easily learn to identify as crackers, cookies, or whatever they are more used to. In Europe since 2015, edible insects and foods containing them have been considered "Novel Food". To be sold, Novel Food must first be accepted by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and then by the European Commission. To date, only 3 insects have received approval in Europe, while insect based feed for chickens, fish and pigs is becoming increasingly widespread.